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Before I got the chance to be a Nas guide myself, I had heard about people who had gotten a Nas guide from an expert at a gym. If I had paid any attention to them or anything they had said, I would have known that what I was looking at was a scam.

nas guide expert

The “expert” said she was an affiliate who had tried to sell other experts’ products. She was also selling her own. She claimed she could get me my own guide for a hundred dollars or less.

I asked her why I should believe her and I didn’t work out of the book, I was on the Internet. She said it would be one of the best guides ever. She said that the best guides are the ones that make you want to buy them.

I called her bluff and I guess I didn’t work for it. I was tired of all of this advertising. So, I got ready to tell her to get lost and that she should pay me $50 or so.

But I wasn’t prepared when she started talking about the way she gets paid. She told me that she got paid by selling her guides from other websites.

You see, I was going to buy my guide from her. It would cost me nothing and I thought that would be nice. I didn’t want to have to buy my own guide because I knew that none of these guides out there are good enough.

I decided to give it a shot anyway and I really don’t work out of the book so I figured that was the way it was going to be. I went ahead and I bought my guide from her. She told me it was from the best company.

I saw that the only thing that came with my book was the guide itself. No money was coming out of my pocket. The woman also told me that I could earn more money if I wanted to buy another one. I figured it was her way of getting me hooked and I wasn’t going to lose interest in her.

So, I bought a second one from her. Now, she is paying me and it has been a few weeks. I didn’t even put the second one to use yet and I still haven’t seen any money come out of my wallet.

I don’t work out of the book either. I figured this one would be a bit easier because it doesn’t require me to jump up and down and scream at the top of my lungs to get my point across.

What I need to know though is what she really is doing for a living. I mean, I can tell from the ads that she really has an eye for how to get a person’s attention. I thought she may have used a little of her knowledge to create a bunch of books but now I just don’t know.

I am hoping though that she doesn’t work out of the book. There are a ton of great guides that do just that. If she is working from the physical books, I need to find out what she really does.