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The PC Guide Expert is another resource you can use to help you start up a PC repair business. I’ve read many of these before and they seem to be about the same as many of the other programs available for just about every type of business. Still, there are a few differences that are worth exploring.

pc guide expert

I want to start with some background information on what an “expert” is. I know of a person who claims to be one but I’m not sure how to determine whether he is or not. The term “expert” seems to be too general of a term that covers just about anyone. The label “computer technician” is somewhat more specific and is usually reserved for someone who has more than just basic knowledge of computers.

So what does the PC Guide Expert website offer? There are various ways to advertise on the Internet but this company offers a simple banner ad which can be placed in a multitude of places. It can be in your email box, your MySpace page, in a forum you frequent or in an affiliate link you click on. You could place it anywhere in the world you’d like.

While some of the information contained in the website may sound relevant, I have found the product info to be less than effective. The site only gives a basic idea of what the PC Guide Expert does and who their service providers are. If you are not familiar with the term “computer technician”, then the information offered might confuse you. I am not saying the company isn’t good but I would expect the information on the website to be more detailed.

Another area where the PC Guide Expert makes its shortcomings known is on the pricing. I understand that it is a small business with no overhead expenses. But you pay to advertise anyway, right? The prices do tend to be a bit higher than the others so if you aren’t in a rush you can pay a little more.

When it comes to the business side of a PC repair business, the PC Guide Expert doesn’t give much of a description. They don’t tell you what you need to look for in a customer when you are looking for a technician. They don’t even tell you what services they offer and what they will charge for them. I think you would be better off asking a computer repair expert if they offer a free consultation.

While the guide might have helpful information on the repair services they offer, there is nothing to suggest what they will charge you for them. Some of the charge a flat fee, others offer a fixed price with more than one service. I think the way the charges work will be important to you and your decision making process when choosing a PC repair expert.

If you aren’t the type of customer that is looking for a PC repair expert then you might want to look at other sites. The PC Guide Expert has built a reputation for providing excellent information. Unfortunately, there is no information available to help you decide whether or not you want to work with them. Although, their internet presence has attracted a few customers.

So you have decided to use their services. What services can you expect from the PC Guide Expert? In the first place, you will receive a free diagnostic tool to run. This can be sent to you through email or through their web site. You might find that most of the services available can be downloaded and used directly through your computer.

Now you have your diagnostic tool and you can start to research the service you want to offer. Sometimes they will have an easy choice that you can call them to make but sometimes they will have a more involved service. In any case, you should compare the two services before calling them.

If the PC Guide Expert offers an expensive option and you really want to go that route, you will be better off contacting the service through their site. You can use the same free tool to determine if they are worth your time. time and expense or if they should be avoided.

One last thing to consider, you may want to give the PC Guide Expert a call. as they are located in California. If you live in another state and you need a PC repair expert, you might want to contact the Better Business Bureau to see if they can provide you with any recommendations for you to use.